Transcendentally charged

“For me, the process of sanding and polishing is to cancel out the working marks, my traces, my ego, myself, until it becomes an independent entity.”

ARMEN AGOP is a multi-award-winning Egyptian artist of Armenian origin, who is best known for his spiritually charged paintings and sculptures. Working with elemental entities—black granite or canvas and ink—his creative offerings can be perplexing, often appearing as futuristic beings or UFOs, and yet simultaneously reminding us of the soberness of ancient Egyptian art with its powerful lines and simple formations.

Describing in his own words his obsessive process being analogous to a contemplative practice, Armen’s latest paintings—recently showcased in the Taking Time exhibition at the prestigious Flora Bigai Arte Contemporanea gallery—are luminescent galaxies of points upon a black abyss, the act of composition akin to a meditative mantra, emerging and evolving through the passing of time, distilled in the very timelessness of his art. He currently lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy.


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