Mantra: Armen Agop

immagine:  Mantra: Armen Agop

17 NOVEMBER 2019 - 13 FEBRUARY 2020
Meem Gallery presents  Mantra , the first solo exhibition in the UAE by celebrated Egyptian sculptor, Armen Agop. The artist, based in Italy since 2000, is well known internationally for his black granite sculptures; having exhibited with regularity through Europe, the Arab World and Asia. In this exhibition a series of sculptures are accompanied by Agop's drawings and paintings, for the first time.

The title of this multidisciplinary exhibition,  Mantra , reflects the nature of the work within this series, as physical documentation of a meditative, spiritual practice. Each artwork is undertaken with a focus, a mantra set by the artist, created by a repeated action. Choosing one of the smallest elements, the point, and applying it over and over, Agop seeks to discover its limitless potential and to reach profound experiences.

Through the carving, grinding and perpetual shaping of the material, this ruminative practice is undertaken, in contrast, the drawings and paintings deliver a divergence in concept. In the works on paper and canvas, it is the meditative process itself that unveils the composition through the artist's mark-making, with the paintings manifesting as a result of the duration of time and rituality.

The paintings have a luminous, ethereal quality. At first glance, they resemble the inherent monumentality of Agop's sculptural work - large, black expanses of space. Upon closer inspection, the works open up to reveal a collection of points in colourful hues, lightly and purposefully placed upon the canvas, almost cosmic-like in their composition. There is a softness to the works on canvas, in contrast to the hard, strong sculptural works of the same subject matter.

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L'œil et la nuit - Exposition à l'Institut des Cultures d'Islam

We are pleased to invite you to the vernissage Wednesday, 18 September at 6:30.
Du 19 septembre 2019 au 09 février 2020, l'Institut des Cultures d'Islam présente "L'oil et la nuit", exposition curatée par Géraldine Bloch. Les ouvres de dix-huit artistes originaires d'Afrique, du Moyen-Orient et d'Europe interrogent notre perception du monde de la nuit, entre profane et sacré, réel et imaginaire.

immagine:  L'oil et la nuit Une déambulation poétique

Les oeuvres présentées invitent à une déambulation sensible dans l'obscurité en dessinant une géographie de nos nuits. La première partie de l'exposition aborde l'expérience de la nuit noire comme source de connaissance et de révélations. Les yeux tournés vers le ciel, merveilleux, poésie, mystique et sciences semblent ne faire qu'un. L'exposition propose ensuite de parcourir des nuits aux lueurs inquiétantes et mouvantes. Dans des clair-obscurs revisités les corps se dérobent, leurs histoires aussi. Entre refuge et barrière, la nuit demeure le lieu d'une solitude et d'une adversité. Enfin, l'exposition s'achève sur les nuits artificielles, entre éclipses et illusions. Bercées par le rêve et la réminiscence, ces nuits inventées par les artistes sont à la fois déroutantes et familières.

Artistes : Armen AGOP, Renaud AUGUSTE-DORMEUIL, Mustapha AZEROUAL, Fayçal BAGHRICHE, Halida BOUGHRIET, Walid EL MASRI, Laura EL-TANTAWY, Shirazeh HOUSHIARY, Yazan KHALILI, MEEN ONE, Timo NASSERI, Saad QURESHI, Stéphanie SAADÉ, Mouna Saboni, Anri SALA, Mourad SALEM, Vladimir SKODA, Irem SOZEN

The Upper House: Hong Kong's Epitome Of Lofty Understatement

immagine:  The Upper House: Hong Kong's Epitome Of Lofty Understatement

Artist Armen Agop's granite work Silence as seen off the Level 6 Lift.

CREDIT: THE UPPER HOUSE johnoseid/2018/08/23/the- upper-house-hong-kongs- epitome-of-lofty- understatement/#2a6ca44bd98c

Brussels - Armen Agop LKFF Art & Sculpture Project

immagine:  Brussels - Armen Agop LKFF Art & Sculpture Project

Charged with inherent monumentality regardless of their dimensions, Armen Agop's sculptures can be regarded as materializations of pure thought. His latest exhibition, "Emergence", on view at the LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects in Brussels until the end of March 2018, presented a contemplative exploration of volume, yet another one in his oeuvre.

Art Theorema - Imago Mundi

immagine:  Art Theorema - Imago Mundi

Al Salone degli Incanti di Trieste si inaugura una nuova tappa di Imago Mundi, che presenta la collezione di Luciano Benetton.

Il 3 agosto al Salone degli Incanti di Trieste viene presentata la mostra Imago Mundi - Art Theorema #1, realizzata dalla Fondazione Benetton e da Fabrica e curata da Claudio Scorretti e Irina Ungureanu. La rassegna comprende 203 artisti internazionali e inaugura una nuova serie di Imago Mundi, la collezione di Arte contemporanea formata da migliaia di opere che Luciano Benetton ha commissionato e raccolto nei suoi viaggi nel mondo, intesa a presentare una ricerca annuale e un aggiornamento delle più innovative pratiche artistiche a livello globale. L'incontro di Trieste, che includerà anche il lancio del catalogo, è stato concepito come anteprima della collezione Art Theorema, nel contesto della mostra Join the Dots/ Unire le distanze, che resterà aperta al pubblico fino al 2 settembre 2018.

Una grande mostra dedicata ad Art Theorema è prevista al Museo Imago Mundi - Gallerie delle Prigioni a Treviso, Italia, nel 2019. Sulla mappa artistica globale creata da Imago Mundi in questa collezione, l'arte contemporanea viene raffigurata come hub della diversità che sfugge alla categorizzazione. Art Theorema serve come metafora ludica per un manifesto alla diversità: 231 opere di 203 artisti provenienti da 104 paesi. Dall'Europa Orientale a quella Occidentale, dai paesi africani all'Australia, dal Canada agli Stati Uniti, dall'America Latina ai Caraibi, dall'Asia Centrale al Medio e all'Estremo Oriente, questa collezione percorre una sorta di via della seta con alcuni degli artisti più noti, accanto ad artisti emergenti altrettanto innovativi, ritenuti "le nuove promesse" della scena artistica internazionale. Nell'ambito della presentazione del 3 agosto, Imago Mundi ospiterà anche la performance Ulysses, A Long Way dell'artista francese Jean-Christophe Norman. Le strade di Trieste, assieme al Salone degli Incanti, diventeranno uno spazio aperto alla scrittura, sulle tracce di James Joyce, il famoso scrittore irlandese che ha trascorso oltre 15 anni nella città italiana. Jean-Christophe Norman riscriverà Ulisse sulle strade di Trieste, in una performance spontanea destinata a sorprendere i passanti e rimuovere le frontiere tra finzione e realtà.



15 Oct 2012- 3 Feb 2013
Institut Du Monde Arabe, Paris, France



6 Jun 2012 - 14 Jul 2012
Solo exhibition at Flora Bigai Arte Contemporanea, Pietrasanta, Italy.

ARMEN AGOP Installs his winning sculpture for the UMBERTO MASTROIANNI AWARD

immagine:  ARMEN AGOP Installs his winning sculpture for the UMBERTO MASTROIANNI AWARD

The fountain, carved from the local stone called Luserna, elegantly unites the past and the present with a composition that is in harmonic agreement with the environment.
The inauguration took place 14 April 2012.

Armen Agop - Sculptures

immagine:  Armen Agop - Sculptures

8 March - 14 April 2012
Solo exhibition at Selma Feriani Gallery London

Armen Agop - SUFIC

immagine:  Armen Agop - SUFIC

12 December - 6 January 2010
Solo exhibition at al markhiya gallery, Doha Qatar 

Armen Agop - Sculpture exhibition

immagine:  Armen Agop - Sculpture exhibition

17 November - 19 December 2010
Solo exhibition at LKFF - Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium.

Armen Agop wins the Umberto Mastroianni 2010 Award

The 7th International Sculpture Biennale of Piemonte awarded Armen Agop first prize on 30 October 2010. The competition, organized by the Piemontese Arte Association, is by invite only and recognizes some of the most important up and coming artists on the international scene. In addition to a cash prize, Agop's sculpture will be realized in the city of Barge next year.

The Umberto Mastroianni award began in 1994 in the region of Piemonte. Since then, every other year one of the Piemonte communities requests a specific location for a permanent art work. Agop's work with the work of Valerio Berrut and Arrianna Merlo/Guilia Nota was selected by a jury as finalists for the city park in Barge. The three projects were then exhibited with all other invited participants in one show and then the citizens of Barge voted on the winning project.


Path of the elegance between the East and the West

immagine:  Path of the elegance between the East and the West

21 April - 31 October
Villa Empain - The Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium.

Agop - Beaumont - Dana - Dethier

immagine:  Agop - Beaumont - Dana - Dethier

28 April - 30 May 2010
Sculpture exhibition at LKFF - Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium.